Back to “Normal”

Today marks my third wrestling match with the 30 foot long anaconda.  For those of you that wonder, this is the process:

The Prep:  the “Koolaid” sucks, but it’s a million times better if you follow your own “one-way” signs instead of the “alternative” prep. (NTTAWWT)

It’s not the bowl or the horcrux that’s empty at the end. 

After a day without food, it’s time for a little propofol

professor allergy shot

and then instantly you’re dreaming while the snake does its thing and then three seconds later, you’re being woken up. The nurse is pretty, but not as good in the one in the dream. Then, it’s immediate and intensive post-procedure therapy:

As for the debrief, the light was green.

So, I can haz cheeseburger once again. Not so much on the jalapenos, though.

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