Wanna Make $14 the Hard Way?

Actually, Eric the fuckface inspired the title. This asshole decided to hoard work. He checked out 25% of the remaining work in a project. No one else could work it. Then he took a break because “fuck you, I got mine.” This after we all got an email saying once your batch is done, you’re done. So, the people wanting to work hit the road, and selfish Eric milks the clock.

Fuck you Eric. Eventually, Ron will notice that your hours and your productivity don’t line up. Like when you’re the last one there.

In the meantime, tip your Uber driver. It takes a while for those 15-minute waits at CVS and 2-mile trips from class to your apartment to add up to a usable amount of money.

So yay. The icing on this shit day: neckties on the doorknob, passive aggressive lashouts, attempted guilt trips. And bad football.

Take us out, Bob.

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