For Those About to Rock

[for the last time together], we salute you.

Dear Motley Crue
Sorry I won’t see your exit after all.

Kid: Don’t take a date, take me!
Me: Of course sweetheart!


Marcia Brady:  Something suddenly came up!
[Kid: I have a New Year’s Eve date in Phoenix! That’s in just a week! Sorry!]
Wells Fargo: Hey look! I’m empty! Feed me, Seymour!

In my absence, and SINCE YOU’RE MAKING A VIDEO OF THE SHOW WHICH I WILL BUY IF IT DOESN”T SUCK, here are some suggestions:

  1. Make sure Vince Neil knows the words.
  2. Make sure Vince Neil sings the words
  3. Play these songs, plus whatever you want.

and of course…

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