Donald Trump’s America

Did you drop this little blue pill, Mr. Red?

Do you know this asshole? The one in the red shirt? I wish I had never crossed paths. Why is he an asshole?

  • It’s not because he’s a pushy blowhard. Glass houses, and all that.
  • It’s not because he’s a know it all about cars. *whistles*
  • It’s not because he is evidently ex-military.
  • It’s because this is a car show.It’s not the place for one’s loud boasting about emptying “all twelve” of some sort of bomb. It’s not the place for boasts of “killing a bunch of sand n*****s.”

At least that is the world in which I was raised. We’re not four years old. Saying what you mean with no regard for audience or ugliness is not virtue. It’s overcompensating bluster. Unfiltered spleen venting in public is stupid and dangerous and created copycat shitheads ‘saying what they mean,’ as if it legitimizes the blackness of their dead hearts.

Thanks, Don. You brought the dregs of internet tough guys out in the world to spew their hatefulness. Nice job. At least the red guy didn’t indulge his inner ammosexual and bring a firearm.

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