Never Drink With Ray

A word to the wise.

Breadcrumbs, hobo style
Breadcrumbs, hobo style
hooker hell
Someone help meeeeeeeeeee….

It starts with Bud Light and too much sun. Before you know it, this ^^ seems like a good idea. It’s OK, because you’re a pro at this. And, you’ve got a tenant you want to bang. At least right now. Sober, you’re like this:Now that OE beer goggles are focused, she seems a lot nicer.

She's not real - it's the beer goggles, dumbass
She’s not real – it’s the beer goggles, dumbass

Yep. Game on. You can’t walk a straight line or manage sentences more than 5 words long, but yeah, she’s that hot, she wants you and you can totally answer the call.

In fact, you’re so sure of it, you’re pulling out all the stops, even though your wife is watching this shit show from the garage.

On the bright side, when morning comes and you think waking up dead would be preferable to the pain of now, there will be at least two women eager to grant your wish.

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