A Version of No

Peter Garrett‘s new solo album A Version of Nowis not my favorite. The music sounds a bit like the Oils. At least the sedated Breathe/Capricornia Oils. So there was at least some recognition, some comfort, like my once cool Chuck Taylors that are now retired from public use.

The lyrics are where the train tracks hit the proverbial quicksand. WTF, Pete. Truthfully, you were never that subtle in the Oils or particularly lyrical with your – uh – lyrics.

if I say so. Myself
if I, myself, do say so. Myself.

(Especially in clumsy songs with the L word in them).

Sharks are coming up to feed
I believe it’s time to move
Diver’s coming up to breathe
But I’m not in the mood
No I’m not in the mood

Outbreak of Love, Earth and Sun and Moon

WtFFFFF is that? Because nothing says” love” like an “Outbreak” of it. You know what else comes in outbreaks? Riots and herpes.

You’re a smooth smoothy. Right out of 50 Shades. Kinda like me.

In high school, I wanted to make an album. It would be filled with IMPORTANT STUFF – chicks, guns, fire trucks, the places where I skipped school, my faint hopes of getting laid. Fun activities like drinking beer in the woods. Like I said, important stuff… which bored even me.

A version of now is kind of like that. Tame. Relentlessly grounded and tangible. Not “bad.” Just kind of limited and uninspiring. Kudos for having the guts to put yourself out there in this calmer, saner version. Just don’t hate me because I prefer this Version of Then.

Even when PG butchers the lyrics, it ‘s a better version (Than Now).

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