Those awkward moments

…when you realize your WordPress theme is so helpful that it publishes private admin notes for all to read. Followed by the part where you realize those notes are google searchable.
Followed by the part where you find out somebody did a google search. And DID find the notes. Plus they found some other things one throws out in the Universe, never expecting them to find their way home.
Followed by the part where you get to stay up sanitizing files because not only does the internet never forget, it reads everything in the tubes, especially the things that were not supposed to be public. (The actual name stuff in the files, not the snapshot of the moment stuff that was published on purpose.)

Sorry –  times a billion and fourteen,  Comcast Cable ( United States FlagCorvallis, Oregon, United States, and Verizon Wireless ( United States FlagOregon, United States.

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