Peak Vader

Rogue One is fine. The continuity and shoutouts (Captain Antilles, anyone?) reach gratuitous levels, but still not as bad as Sith.

Thankfully, no mention of Yoda.

I saw a little bit of the latest Star Trek in the final battle site, along with the blockbuster movie conventions of impossible swarms and physics-defying  (and practicality-defying) architecture. And CGI Leia (with a CGI bra) and Tarkin were interesting cartoons.

None of that shit matters. Because Vader.

Darth Mother fucking Death on a Star Vader. Why does he kill everyone in his path? Because Vader.

Why does he not need stormtroopers to clear the path? Because Vader.

He still needs new writers, but when the sword glows red, too late. You’re already dead.



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