More Wine

Meet Justin, a 2014 cabernet I ran into on a brief holiday. Way better than my usual go-to wines (notice the lack of a screw off cap).


No Biebers were sacrificed to make this wine. Sadly.



Can’t stop at one.

What else was there to learn? Wine is like avocado. I can’t judge either by the outside. Picking the right one is mostly dumb luck, unless you ask an expert.

More importantly, once you open it, the wine is on the clock. It will be fine for a few hours, but the day after the day after the night before is too long for it to wait. [Ed.: or maybe like so many other things, you simply don’t know how to properly put a cork in it.] Basically, if you’re willing to go to the bar in a robe to get more, you’re already committed. Better just finish it off.

On day 3, it was blotchy and smelled like gasoline, which meant it had devolved into one of my usual go-to wines. Or an avocado.

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