Same old Cardinals

ATLANTA – Empathy is hard to find in the NFL. But near the end of a debacle in Dixie, the Falcons’ coach unleashed unprecedented mercy. Leading 41-7, Mike Smith ordered his quarterback to take a knee four times in succession, even though his team could not run out the clock. He simply gave the ball […]

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Cardinals suck

Dear asshole Bidwill people: Now that Kurt “I am afraid to see my shadow” Warner has walked away* from your traditional doormat team, can we please revert to the previous policy of opening the fucking roof more than once a season?  Is it really too much to ask, that in the so-called Valley of the […]

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Arizona Cardinals Suck

U2 is not afraid of the sky
U2 is not afraid of the sky, but the Cardinals (hello? You’re birds!!!) are?  WTF?

Dear Michael Bidwill:

Grow a pair, would you?  U2 gets an open roof in October, but the Cardinals are too big of pussies to do the sameFuck you.  I paid extra for the hole – I expect to be able to use it.



P.S.  Yes, “Fuck you.  I paid extra for the hole – I expect to be able to use it.” is the same rant I use on Vegas hookers.  What’s your point?

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Karma to Cardinals: GFY

Karma:  You dicks shoulda opened the roof more.  Football is not a game for pussies. Karma:  P.S.:  Ben Rothlisberger is a cocksucker, but I hate you more Karma:  P.P.S.  The President correctly called this as a narrow Pittsburgh victory.

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Fuck you Arizona Cardinals

Dear Michael Bidwill: It’s 71 degrees in Glendale this very minute, an hour and a half before game time.  There is a 0% chance of rain.  It’s the desert, remember? Yet, the roof at Pink Taco stadium is closed.  You, sir, are a Pink Taco.   I hope Kurt “but I play better with a roof” […]

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Cardinals Suck

State of Arizona (to Cards):  Go, Cards! Cards:  But we have this new stadium since we hated our college stadium.  We were too scared to take money to call it “Pink Taco.”  so we took the name of a Mormon front organization college.  We made it open air at will, but we lack the balls […]

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