Karma is a sick bitch

A post about mutants triggers the Newsmax Is Sarah Palin a savant? push poll in unrelated stories, the secretary who does NOT work for me (she works for Manny) is showing about 90% more cleavage than usual, and there is a an appointment downstairs who is “dumb, dizty,  and hot! A man’s dream come true!” […]

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Karma to Cardinals: GFY

Karma:  You dicks shoulda opened the roof more.  Football is not a game for pussies. Karma:  P.S.:  Ben Rothlisberger is a cocksucker, but I hate you more Karma:  P.P.S.  The President correctly called this as a narrow Pittsburgh victory.

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Karma is pleased

10 year contract? What the hell were we thinking? Notre Dame closing in on worst season ever SOUTH BEND, Ind. (AP) — Notre Dame has set a lot of “worst” marks this season. Worst start. Worst home losing streak. Two of the 10 worst losses ever. With three games left, worst season in school history […]

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