Asswipe Fail

The paper is gone, but get your tetanus shot, a master key and a weight belt before refilling. On the bright side, Superior AZ HAS protected the little cardboard tube pretty thoroughly. Nice work.  (what’s that mysterious spatter on the wall, though?  wait, nevermind)

toilet paper roll
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Union of the Snake

Life is all about ass – David Lee Roth Skeletor bites it. Needed to respect the 30 foot anaconda. (Too soon? She owed me for blasting the PTL when I was trying to sleep after long nights of 7-Elevening) Bush, for once, learns from the mistakes of others; wrassles the thirty foot anaconda. Still loses. […]

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It was 20 years ago today

well, 21 years ago…

12:01 am Waldo’s  Campus Tavern for a commemorative upside down tequila shooter.

2 or 3 pm Free Drinks with 8 at Wayside West, Uppercrust  and Ground Round

8 pm classy Andre Champagne with Pod and chesty Phi Sigma Kappa Little Sisters Maureen and Trish (Skeletor) on Elm Street.

Why is this notable?

1 – Because it made the me the first ever frat rat to escape his 21st birthday without a hangover. It is all in the pacing (a lesson that was forgotten beginning on August 29th and the 363 days that followed).

2 – That day was the most sober I was during the following (entire) academic year. I have the grades to prove it. Was never drunk in class, due to the fact of not showing up.

3 – It was just on my mind today, for some reason…

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