After months of delay and unequivocal efforts to make things smaller and cut out the larger fish from the discussion, the “final statement” and “conclusion” has been delivered in the form of a conference call.

The basic message from National: There was no misconduct, get it through your thick fucking skull.

Also: It’s in the past! It doesn’t matter!

Also: You fucked up! You trusted us!

Fuck you, National. No wonder you are despised. You did fuck up. You did take liberties with the facts presented by the subsidiary, and it did a shitty self-serving job using the powers entrusted to it.  You screwed us over.

This was not about civil liability. It was about fraternal honor. You lack the courage to even say “sorry” or “we should have done better.” No accountability. No contrition. No character.

The ad hominems on those who dare point out the shortcomings? No brotherhood.

I will honor my oaths, and maintain my brotherhood with my chapter, but I am done with you fuckstains. National is dead to me.

Wanna Make $14 the Hard Way?

Actually, Eric the fuckface inspired the title. This asshole decided to hoard work. He checked out 25% of the remaining work in a project. No one else could work it. Then he took a break because “fuck you, I got mine.” This after we all got an email saying once your batch is done, you’re done. So, the people wanting to work hit the road, and selfish Eric milks the clock.

Fuck you Eric. Continue reading “Wanna Make $14 the Hard Way?”

Did you ever get the feeling…

That someone had been in your house while you were out?

I felt like Goldilocks yesterday. Front doors were unlocked. WTH? Dogs acted like they were looking for someone else to be there.


I assume it was DHS thugs following up on some 4th Amendment violation they committed with some ongoing due process violation. Or someone even less welcome.

EDIT: To compound the weirdness. I crashed ()in my own bed while chatting with Bella Friday night. Saturday morning, I woke up and heard voices in the next room. “Who the fuck is in my house?” I wondered to the dogs, through the wall.

It was the TV, on CNN headline news, a channel I never watch. Weird, huh?