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Gonzo di Dottore is a noted author, poet, photographer and bon vivant. Or was that savant. It's hard to tell sometimes. [He's not a real doctor, dumbass.]


The difference between college in my day and college now, is like the difference between warcraft in 2006 and the sissified handholding of iron tide patch 6.02.


Seems Legit

Apart from criminal conspiracy, insurance fraud, receipt of stolen property…

Midnight Auto Supplu

2005 Ferrari f430 Berlinetta.

I’m assisting in brokering the sale of a near mint condition 2005 Ferrari f430 Berlinetta. The car is not stolen, salvaged, wrecked, or damaged in anyway. It does have a lien on it. This is an excellent parts car for someone who already owns an f430 or for someone who is crafty enough with obtaining titles. There will be NO TITLE with the car, only a bill of sale. Please no tire kickers, serious interest only.


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Goddammit, Direct TV! I can’t dump stupid Lifetime Movie Network and its Oprah bullshit without losing BTN and some ESPNs?  AYFKM?  You’re evil, plain and simple.

The Micah/Exxon Nightmare Burger

Black Ram Whopper

There may also be a ram joke in there somewhere. 

The original BK Lounge version wasn’t black from squid ink or bamboo charcoal.  Just don’t even ask.

It’s made smoking it using bamboo charcoal… The buns are also smoked with bamboo charcoal and… the sauce is made with onion, garlic, and squid ink (which sounds rather delicious.) The beef patties made also contain black pepper.

Burger King’s new all-black burger has black buns, cheese, and sauce.