Texts With Chicks

What’s NOT normal about making not for distribution pictures into your background for 3 minutes and chats that last until 5 a.m. (local) and include advice about banging some dude that isn’t you and about dealing with your limes? It’s all part of the service. We just call it “Saturday.”

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I Melt With You

Q: What to put on your mix tape, if you can’t trust your brothers to be just wingmen and not cut in? (Which is the case, about 99.2% of the time.)

A: This.  QED.

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Road Trip Notes: Craigslist for Nomads

Dead gas station, Ragsdale Road, West of Desert Center, California (aka BFE)

She MIGHT read this. It seems like a low percentage shot, though. Maybe this is for missed connections that you hope stay missing? Read More

Seems Legit

Ferrari f430 Craigslist
Midnight Auto Supply

How is this not a can’t miss opportunity? Apart from criminal conspiracy, insurance fraud, receipt of stolen property…

2005 Ferrari f430 Berlinetta [Ed.: original post on Nashville Craigslist is long gone – like the seller].

I’m assisting in brokering the sale of a near mint condition 2005 Ferrari f430 Berlinetta. The car is not stolen, salvaged, wrecked, or damaged in anyway. It does have a lien on it. This is an excellent parts car for someone who already owns an f430 or for someone who is crafty enough with obtaining titles. There will be NO TITLE with the car, only a bill of sale. Please no tire kickers, serious interest only.
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Solve this dilemma

Your kid needs to print something on Sunday night at 8. Your printer is out of ink. Replacement ink costs about $75. Staples has your ink.  Staples is closed.  Best Buy probably has your ink.  Best Buy is definitely closed.  Target is open, but doesn’t have your ink. Target does sell printers that come with […]

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