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Say my name

Walter White: Now… Say my name. Declan: …Heisenberg… Walter White: You’re god damned right! It’s funny.  You can live and work with people for years.  They still have no idea. They toil on, holding to the rules and routines of their universe. It’s that time of year again. Unaware of what lies behind or underneath. Or why. Knowing little more…

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You Just Don’t Give a Fuck

“You just don’t give a f***” – kid who was “not asking for money” trying to beg biscuits and gravy from Village Inn for his pregnant GF. Dude, i won’t let my family eat there. Pulling out the glass eye helped sell your hungry GF story, although if you just had removal surgery at 430 am, why aren’t you bandaged?.…

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This is 50

A couple of thoughts croseed my mind, 6 mos. ahead of some sort of MLK holiday that is wholly unrelated to the gutteral, reptile brain screed that follows. How to tell that life is passing you by – occasional rants by some old codger who wants you off his goddam lawn, you punk: Beer:  what the fuck is up with…

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