Alligator Lizards in the Air

Lurleen and I took off for California. Following a meander through San Bernadino and the suburbs, we chanced upon Pasadena. Pasadena is like its own city that just happens to be surrounded by L.A. suburbs, except for the mountains on the backside. Boulder, Colorado is much the same way – a real city among bedroom communities […]

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Tex Earnhardt Can KMA

Lurlene wants a camper trailer. Me: Uh, OK.  What would we tow it with? Dodge Ram:  Hey sailor.  Look at what I’m packing under this hood. Annoying voice of reality:  You DO realize those fuckers cost $30K, right? Never fear, Tex Earnhardt is here.  He has what is quite nearly the perfect truck.  No, not […]

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So a week behind the billion dollars worth of fan boys, I got GTA: V yesterday. Here’s the skinny:

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