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I really thought this was going to be a Pon Farr kind of year (ideally without the treachery). It started out with such promise. I still blame Mötley Crüe for starting all the shit dominoes that fell, screwing with the time line.

My fraternity’s national organization is filled with North Korea-like hardliners hamstrung by institutional inertia and a centripetal focus. Basically, their response to some legitimate concerns about financial and fiduciary  matters has been to stick the information in a file and wait for the complainants to die.

Character indeed.

Today marks my third wrestling match with the 30 foot long anaconda.  For those of you that wonder, this is the process:

The Prep:  the “Koolaid” sucks, but it’s a million times better if you follow your own “one-way” signs instead of the “alternative” prep. (NTTAWWT)

It’s not the bowl or the horcrux that’s empty at the end. 

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I did not set foot in any theater showing 50 Shades of Grey. I never read the books.  What I have learned about it though, is a couple of important things:

  • Plotwise, it’s basically Pretty Woman: Behind the Music. All those fancy clothes had a price.
  • Women who go for the romance or the boning sometimes leave the theater anxious, rather than relaxed.

In other words, it’s a total chick movie. The ample chick nudity is a date night dude lure, just like the football was in Jerry Maguire.

As for an actual viewer review, “OK, but the movie in my head [from reading the books] was better.” I agree.  The movie in MY head really was better. In my case, it was an actual movie in my head, a continent away: Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, because of this anniversary. Also, because it is anything but a chick movie.

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