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The best part of the #Sparty victory tonguebath is switching the TV to #Goldfing

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Ain’t That ‘Merica

'Merica:  Referring to a Saturday NFL broadcast as Saturday night football simpl

Goddammit, Direct TV! I can't dump stupid Lifetime Movie Network and its Oprah bullshit without losing BTN and some ESPNs?  AYFKM?  You're evil, plain and simple.

Maybe it was the rats

Maybe it was the rats, squeaking, and waiting to pounce. Maybe it was the gurgle of some unspeakably horrible, probably biologic fluid being illegally dumped (allegedly) in some nearby corridor.  Something woke me.  It wasn't the daylight, because this godforsaken place seemed unfamiliar with direct sunlight. I looked around. 25556