Breaking News

We just switched to annual hosting on this here websiteblogthing.  Basically, this gets us 2+ months free. The gist for you non-math majors?  Unless the internet is eaten by boll weevils, or Rackshare is swallowed up byMonsanto, we are guaranteed to hit out tenth anniversary next February.  Guaran-dam-teed. What’s not guaranteed?  Anything interesting posted here […]

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I think I preferred

winning the Nigeria lottery/inheritance/warlord slush fund.  At least I could understand it.  As opposed to this gibberish:   Date: Sun, 29 Sep 2013 12:07:01 +0100 [09/29/2013 04:07:01 AM MST]   From: Subject: Josephites or any one else. They did not wish to see the VERB restrained and purified nor the creative impulse controlled by REASON. […]

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We’re B-a-a-a-a-a-ck

After a week off, we are back at looney base alpha.  Fresh stuff to come soon, once the film is developed and the tapes transcribed, so we know what we did, plus get the HIV test results, avoid requests for child support, determine what states have outstanding warrants and what countries will not extradite and some […]

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Hard to believe

but Messenger Puppet has now consumed 20% of this particular “author’s” life.  In a word, AYFKM?! In more than one word. we don’t know whether this arbitrary fraction has any real world significance.  We are proud to have outlasted lots of better crappy websites.  We are grateful for every next day without a NSA van […]

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A short programming note

We just downloaded a new theme that looks pretty amazing.  But, it needs tweaking – more tweaking than we can do here at Mission Control while sitting in a dentist chair, or worse, DOING OUR DAY JOBS!!! This weekend though might include some site hiccups while we play around with new flashy stuff!!!, depending on […]

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Top ten? Only 10?

The Star Trek website/Facebook is running a contest to name the top 10 episodes of the original series. Sounds good, but it’s 10 from a preselected 30.  We agree on 15 of their 30.  We just think they zigged when they should have zagged on 35 others (15 of theirs; 20 of ours that don’t […]

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#Newspeak #2013

It’s called a #hashtag.  First, an introduction to newspeak, for the kids who aren’t quite sure how they feel about reading and books, since there’s Youtube and kindle and all  (source link in the title): THE PRINCIPLES OF NEWSPEAK Newspeak was the official language of Oceania and had been devised to meet the ideological needs of […]

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Things to keep in mind

for me.  Except that my content is so fabulous, people should be beating the doors down. (according to my team of paid yes-men) SEMrush Blog | Things You Should Check Before Hiring a Website Content Writer.   What to Check before Hiring a Website Content Writer: First of all, don’t hire a writer if you […]

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Suddenly we’re popular

with the cool kids for our little photo essay on the Porsche 918 over at Drive By Shootings.  So much so that Dr. Porsche his own self dropped by. Dr. Ing. H.c. F. Porsche Ag ( [Label IP Address]    0 returning visits Germany     Multiline URLs May 15 06:44:02 AM  Drive-By Shootings May 15 06:45:16 AM (Exit Link) May 15 […]

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