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Cheney still sucks

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FYI, your mailman is watching you. Tracking who gets mail at your house. Maybe even logging the cars in your driveway.

I’m guessing he’d report on what he could see through the windows, if by chance it was noteworthy.

Somewhere in a cubicle, this information gets processed and dispersed. I know this, because the county assessor has “reason to believe” I don’t reside in my own home and wants to increase my taxes. That’s been cleared up, but what the fuck?  Where is Charlie, the mailman when I was a kid.  The guy who would stop and chat, and take a glass of lemonade in the summer. What happened to that guy?

Cass Corridor’s Infamous Temple Hotel Finally Bites the Dust – Demolition Watch – Curbed Detroit

Pour one out for the Temple Hotel. The storied safe haven for prostitution, drugs, and other historic mainstays of the Cass Corridor was demolished today, emitting what had to be an especially disgusting plume of dust.

Yes, R.I.P. you biohazardous den of iniquity.  Little did we know back in 1988 that we were parking the complete absence of pussy wagon right next to you.  We’d have paid more attention to the hookers. [Ed.: the wear Kevlar kind of attention, not the invent a new strain of herpes AIDS simplex X kind.]

At least you died in order to be reborn for something important: as disinfected homeless housing an expanded power plant to donate electricity to some billionaire, instead of being swallowed up in the Rapture apocalypse like a common whorehouse.

Quoting its verses is like the cards I used to get that said “to a special boy.” It is a substitute for articulating one’s own thoughts.  It is a refuge – a sword and shield -for those who cannot string together their own words, or whose convictions need the imprimatur of some supreme being before they’ll let themselves believe it.

Case in point.  

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It’s a nice day for it.

I just got this note about my sister’s mother in law

Grandma passed on into eternity last night. She battled cancer for years. Please pray for grandpa as he learns to cope without grandma. Candace let us know that grandma was trusting in Jesus alone for salvation!

Cancer sucks, and then you throw a Hail Mary.

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