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Freedom Is Slavery

Oakland Cops Have a Spy Tool So Secret They Can’t Discuss It –  Deadline Detroit. …Undersheriff Michael McCabe tells The News: “Hailstorm helps us capture fugitives from the law, people wanted for murder and rape” and can be used only with a search warrant. He said the federal Homeland Security Act bars him from discussing Hailstorm, but he elaborated at length about…


The Bible is Like One Big Hallmark Card?

Quoting its verses is like the cards I used to get that said “to a special boy.” It is a substitute for articulating one’s own thoughts.  It is a refuge – a sword and shield -for those who cannot string together their own words, or whose convictions need the imprimatur of some supreme being before they’ll let themselves believe it.…

Okay. I need to talk to you when you have a minute.

- The start of that thing you knew was going to happen eventually.

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In our previous episode, the response to a motion pertaining to a question of Turkish law and procedure had all the information about Turkish law and procedure removed as “irrelevant.”  Now it’s just bare bones facts: married/divorce/no judgment in Turkey, as requested. Moe: Wait.  This paragraph is too short. Me:  It says everything you wanted. Moe: Also, respond to the 11…