The Real World

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Here’s a fun fact about being a self-employed whatever the hell I am. To get business, you have to publish your contact info.  You publish your contact info and people call you. Some of the people that are inclined to call you are batshit crazy.

It’s not always obvious.

Karma: Sometimes, it is.

Like when some guy starts talking like he knows you. And spends an hour on the phone. And tells you about Uncle Ronnie’s house near San Diego. And about the per acre cost of a subdivided lot. And international conspiracies involving the noted gangster he wants you to sue…

And, by the way, he does not have a job, or other income. He’s going on Medicaid.  But (I swear, man!)he’s got legal funding companies lined up to pay whatever it costs.

FWIW, in a related matter, he’s been determined to be incompetent to stand trial.

When the Phi Sigs come back home

Blow Shit Up: If i were King of the Forest

You’ve been so long Well, it’s been so long And I’ve been putting out fire with gasoline putting out fire with gasoline Cat People (David Bowie) What is the likely institutional response when misconduct* is brought to the attention of the powers that be? *for avoidance of slander claims, let’s just call it deficient exercise of cardinal principles. Or general frat…


You know why everybody piles on to create “doorbusters” and crazy sales?

So everyone can be Walmart and engage in predatory pricing.

They can’t bitch if we’re all doing it.

Who cares if they kill main street businesses in the process.  The TVs are $20!


Today in Passive Aggression

“I’ve never seen it done that way” – Moe

david Niven

Opposite Day

So I was at my brother’s wedding.  He cleans up pretty nice.  Or it was my kid’s wedding.  It seems like it switched. The part where my broke ass dad hired a Lamborghini prototype in a camouflage wrap and cladding was cool, as it drifted past the reception.

Aventador prototype

This, except sideways