Did you ever get the feeling…

That someone had been in your house while you were out? I felt like Goldilocks yesterday. Front doors were unlocked. WTH? Dogs acted like they were looking for someone else to be there. Creepy. I assume it was DHS thugs following up on some 4th Amendment violation they committed with some ongoing due process violation. […]

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Time Flies

10 years ago, +/- a few minutes, my wife wondered out loud in bed whether we should get a divorce. I said yes, relieved that she was thinking what I had thought for a while. That was all I needed – to not be the bastard imposing this change on her. Now it was “our” […]

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Time Flies

Ten years ago today was a Sunday. A watershed, threshold, punctuated equilibrium Sunday. Sorry about your spine, Mr. Camel. (No, not him.)  

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Who Programs This Crap?

I have a hard job. The pay is low for the qualifications they require. It is also an exempt position – no overtime, no breaks on the clock [Ed.: recently changed.]. They only pay for time they can bill to someone. That’s all fine.  Where it went off the track is last night. I was sitting […]

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Back to “Normal”

Today marks my third wrestling match with the 30 foot long anaconda.  For those of you that wonder, this is the process: The Prep:  the “Koolaid” sucks, but it’s a million times better if you follow your own “one-way” signs instead of the “alternative” prep. (NTTAWWT) It’s not the bowl or the horcrux that’s empty at […]

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