The Bible is Like One Big Hallmark Card?

Quoting its verses is like the cards I used to get that said “to a special boy.” It is a substitute for articulating one’s own thoughts.  It is a refuge – a sword and shield -for those who cannot string together their own words, or whose convictions need the imprimatur of some supreme being before they’ll let themselves believe it.

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My Frat Bro Russell

Russell Something-or-other drove aFiero like this. Drive-By Shootings: The Lesser Lights.

Pontiac FieroWe would call it “the Chevette of 1980s mid-engined ‘sports’ cars,” except that it involves Russell the stoner.  We nearly got in a fight with him about his previous car, a Pontiac T1000.  We called it a Chevette by any other name: he was adamant that not only was it NOT merely a re-badged POS, it had “completely different wiring” and components.

Uh, no, sorry.  Go hit that bong again, dude.

So, we’ll just say “Oh look” and be glad this one doesn’t have a JC Whitney vinyl bra like Russell’s.

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Joe College

THIS (nsfw) is precisely what i expected to encounter, upon entering college.  Even  more so when I joined a fraternity, because who else would they invite to watch?


Unfortunately, neither this or the stories I read in Penthouse Forum bore any relation to the experience of your author as some anonymous generic dorkboy at a directional university.

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