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How can I resist?

Date: Sat, 4 Apr 2015 18:02:19 +0530 [05:32:19 AM MST] From:  Mrs. Emeline Vallien <>  To: Subject: Drgonzo, SMELL some fresh body of adorable Mrs. Emeline Vallien The body of…

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The best part of the #Sparty victory tonguebath is switching the TV to #Goldfing

In our previous episode, we were headed to the Goathead Saloon. Nope. Closed, for sale, DOA. Deader than SAE after the YouTube.

Southern Nights

Saturday Night is a Great Night for night two of a weekend bar crawl. It has to be better than Friday in Scottsdale with its lookalike clubs, bar-rescued overpriced theme bars and packs of hot but insipid ASU chicks. Plenty of milf-y Scottsdale goodness showing off their silicone, too, but they're all paired up. Their dudes are eager to show off the handiwork and stake their claim by mashing while you do your demoralized shuffle past the minivan hormone showcase. So Saturday, aim lower. Some place with Earth-based beer prices. Some place unfamiliar with artisanal ice. In…

TextNonFails - when you say "jalapeno" and the phone types "hell up in you."


Whiskey, Part 17

My big night in Scottsdale. More Whiskey, less company. The big takeaway? Themed bars that would make Bar Rescue proud. Drink prices that seem more like the club life than a place…