Did you ever get the feeling…

That someone had been in your house while you were out?

I felt like Goldilocks yesterday. Front doors were unlocked. WTH? Dogs acted like they were looking for someone else to be there.


I assume it was DHS thugs following up on some 4th Amendment violation they committed with some ongoing due process violation. Or someone even less welcome.

EDIT: To compound the weirdness. I crashed ()in my own bed while chatting with Bella Friday night. Saturday morning, I woke up and heard voices in the next room. “Who the fuck is in my house?” I wondered to the dogs, through the wall.

It was the TV, on CNN headline news, a channel I never watch. Weird, huh?

Dear Groggys

You earned your name last night. My pint of Stella tasted like it had a shot of vodka in it. And yeah, I was groggy shortly after. That’s my excuse for this: