1988 Mercury Sable

Where I saw one: Tempe, at the Bear Training Center Nostalgia factor: 2.5/10 – no pangs of an empty soul without one. Baseline: 0, since I never owned one. +1 because 8 Barrel’s folks had a v. 2.0 Sable, -0.5 because that one was a wagon, -1 because it doesn’t have an SHO engine. +1 […]

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Once again, HOF shuts down KISS

Here we go again… Cohen among 9 acts nominated for Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Madonna is an easy one. This isn’t Mellencamp’s first shot. DC5? Chic? Oh please. Once again, those braniacs snubbed KISS. For effect on rock and roll, they HAVE to be in there. KISS is (was) rock and roll. (Even […]

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It’s still 2006 here.

Nanner, nanner, nanner. It’s still 2006 here. I am not sure if that is a good thing or not. I do not think 2007 can possibly be weirder. Differently weird. like when I get fired. Or laid. Or some other sort of equally implausible where did that come from event. But not more weird. So […]

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Yay Pine Tar

Tigers kick Cardinals’ Asses.  With a little help from George Brett. Dear Kenny: You don’t need extra help.  It’s the fucking Cardinals.  Different sport, same shittiness.  (OK, that is not true -St. Louis is no stranger to championships, as opposed to Pink Taco occupants in Glendale AZ) XXOO Me P.S.  If Madonna or 8 Barrel […]

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It’s vacation time. Time to recharge the batteries, entertain the kids, scratch a long simmering itch. Shit like that. In my absence, Phid is in charge. And OG. And Pod. And Superstar, for that matter. I am hitting Cedar Point. And Chitown. And who knows what else. So, I leave you with parting thoughts of […]

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Granny porn

I know I am going to get a million misdirected hits for this, but so what? So Friday, I went to this mixer in Scottsdale. There is one about every week, and it’s a good opportunity to get out and mix it up. It is also a lot like being in a frat again. Beers, […]

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And then they stop

This is about things that fuck with your head.  I mean mine.  don’t read this either… Ok, for a while, I was getting my ass kicked by ghosts in the machine or three dimensional reminders of days past, and it was really starting to drag on me. No more. That experience, glorious as it was, […]

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