Oh, Thank Heaven

Somewhere in the wasted haze of being 20 something, I decided that maybe shit jobs at the car wash and the BK lounge were not all that satisfying.  Pod and OG were finishing college.  Phid’s college career was as off the tracks as mine, but we had community college bullshit.  His job at one restaurant […]

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WKMI Cards, all over again

A million years ago, there was this small town where they now make Viagra and Rogaine. In that little burg was a crappy little AM radio station. The only thing the station had to recommend it was Thompson-Fu and one of the red-headed daughters of the owner; those are stories for another day. Now that […]

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Jody No. 2

The cute one. Well, the first cute one.  Jody #3 was pretty hot, too. Jody #1 had, uh, a great personality! she transferred to “my” BK Lounge – Immediate OMG reaction.  Beyond what happens when a girl actually talks to me. Life with Jody was Party Central:

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Oops, I crapped the NAIAS

Not for the squeamish. Trust me.

This is the new Imperial concept. For $200, who did Chrysler rip off for this derivative shitbox?

Rolls-Royce Phantom
A. you whores Social Climbers

(Do we need to go farther? OK then.)

Mercedes-Benz 450SEL
B.Thought we forgot your access to the M-B archives, huh?
Dodge Charger
C. Where have we seen that flank before? Oh yeah. (c) Allpar.com
Infiniti QX56
D. Hey, look at my bulbous head – er, hood!
1978 Chevrolet Monte Carlo
E. Stay with me here… overwrought fender flares straight from my BK Lounge manager.
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What to drive

1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass

when you’re boycotting your prom. What to never let asshole Fury owning bk lounge co-workers ever drive. *sniff*

1973 Oldsmobile Cutlass –  JackDova’s orange “Minotaur” (1979-198x)

455 auto

Orange. Bucket seats.

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