The Complete Opposite of “10”

The Complete Opposite of “10” is “She’s Out of Your League.”  Both are about dorks chasing girls laced with unobtanium.  It’s in the details where one rises and one fails.  In four words: Kirk Needs to STFU (or “another lame chick movie” or “where are the boobs”) Movie 10 League Great Actresses (i.e., naked)? Constantly Uh, […]

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longer trailer

bo derek runI finally saw this movie just last night.  I had seen it on network TV before, but this time it was on HBO and uncut. Wow!

10 in four words: tits are an eleven
Some other thoughts:

  1. I know I didn’t see it uncut before, because I was constantly surprised by all the naked “broads.” You don’t forget that.
  2. Dudley Moore is the same guy as always – Davy Jones all grown up.  Sadly, now I sort of identify with George Webber, instead of wanting to take his place in the casita (Ed.: to be clear, I would bone her, but she needs to not talk).
  3. Julie Andrews is not sexy, in the same way as Ellen DeGeneres and Jody Foster are not sexy – with a man. Or in the same way that my grandmas are not sexy (Ed.: not merely because THEY ARE CURRENTLY DEAD). It might be the butch haircut that lasts for 40 years (like a pony tail); it might be the stain of Mary Poppins prudishness that just won’t abate. Read More