And Then There Were Three?

So i am looking for new wheels.  I want to be up higher, esp for some of the photo ideas i have. Also, this is a good year for some extra writeoffs, like a sales tax whale. Lurleen has dreams of a trailer.  So, the new whatever needs: tow ability; room for Lurleen, kid(s) and/or […]

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Tex Earnhardt Can KMA

Lurlene wants a camper trailer. Me: Uh, OK.  What would we tow it with? Dodge Ram:  Hey sailor.  Look at what I’m packing under this hood. Annoying voice of reality:  You DO realize those fuckers cost $30K, right? Never fear, Tex Earnhardt is here.  He has what is quite nearly the perfect truck.  No, not […]

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Life Imitates…

Fargo?! I was looking at a really cool truck that was a *little* over $19,5 at Alice Cooper’s favorite Dodge dealer. In the course of playing “what’s the REAL price,” I asked about add ons.  I will be here all day tomorrow if that works better for you. As far as add on’s we charge […]

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