I’d Buy THAT for a Dollar

The 1980 Ferrari Mondial 8 was never the most loved car to emerge from the gates of Maranello. Even so, finding one slowly rotting away at the side of the road in a Dubai housing development pains me ever so slightly. Down on the street // Ferrari Mondial 8 « Crank&Piston » Car Culture Lifestyle Community.

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That one weekend

Madonna:  Come away for the weekend.  You can see Hillsdale College and all the places I fucked Stevens, my English professor, once he stole my innocence. Me:  Yay.  Overnight means maybe second base! Karma:  You can always dream! Madonna:  You can actually meet him in his shitty little apartment over a garage. Me:  oooo, impressive […]

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1985 Dodge Omni

1985 Dodge Omni
Doesn’t GLH: 2.2L of badly running crap

Cracker and pops, switching out the Zephyr for a different piece of shit. Actually, this was a pretty good car, except that it freaked out at highway speeds. Madonna had to come pick me up one sexathon weekend, somewhere north of Ann Arbor, because it just refused to go faster than 55 – as if it had a governor. Read More