If you could see tomorrow…

If you could see tomorrow the way it looked to Ford in model year 1981, you’d say:  wow, the bottom was rocky but maybe good things happen if we follow these bubbles up.  from all reports, the 1981 “world car” was a disaster: overweight, underpowered and handling quirks that made the first Corvair seem predictable. […]

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Lunchtime Themepark

It is alive.  The 1982 Ford Granada.  Of the two we got in the states, this is the less worse one. Naturally, I saw it pass in cross-traffic as I was arming my camera.  D-ooh! Too slow. (Also missed in that split second?  A Buick Century – not the kind for roadtrips to MSU)

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Like a Virgin

So, it’s halfway through your sophomore year (or what would be your sophomore year if you had survived your freshman year):  Road trip On one ill fated trek to Ann Arbor, a girl named Robin will introduce you to her roomie, Tammy, who is exactly like Angelina Jolie. (In the sense that they are both […]

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