FYI, your mailman is watching you. Tracking who gets mail at your house. Maybe even logging the cars in your driveway.

I’m guessing he’d report on what he could see through the windows, if by chance it was noteworthy.

Somewhere in a cubicle, this information gets processed and dispersed. I know this, because the county assessor has “reason to believe” I don’t reside in my own home and wants to increase my taxes. That’s been cleared up, but what the fuck?  Where is Charlie, the mailman when I was a kid.  The guy who would stop and chat, and take a glass of lemonade in the summer. What happened to that guy?

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#Newspeak #2013

It’s called a #hashtag.  First, an introduction to newspeak, for the kids who aren’t quite sure how they feel about reading and books, since there’s Youtube and kindle and all  (source link in the title): THE PRINCIPLES OF NEWSPEAK Newspeak was the official language of Oceania and had been devised to meet the ideological needs of […]

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Two Minute Hate

The glory of the internet is that a lot of people can chime in with useful information.  Like this: Identify This Car And Help Catch A Guy Who Tried To Abduct A 10-Year-Old Girl In Philly On Tuesday. Vehicle Description: Late 1990’s-early 2000’s white mid sized foreign 4 door possibly a Mitsubishi or Nissan a […]

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Lunacy on Stone Street

Once upon a time, there were Honda Civics…

there was a time when Honda was on fire, and could do (almost) no wrong. The gen 1 Civic was like a little cherry bomb lobbed into a Weight-Watcher’s convention… And this gen2 Civic was huge step forward; now instead of wearing a Civic like a badge of honor, one could now actually step into it and think of it as a legitimate car.

via Curbside Classic – When Honda’s Mojo Was Working: 1980-1983 Honda Civic | The Truth About Cars.

1983 Honda Civic1983 Civic sedan


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Parking Lot Treasures: 1984 Lincoln Continental

At the time I recognized it as intrinsically stupid, but I kinda liked it anyway…

1984 Lincoln Continental
What a luxury car should be? Really?

What a luxury car should be? Really?

Why 80s nostalgia is misplaced, part 17,312: A Fairmont with swoopy saggy fenders, a fake convertible roof, a fake convertibilized fake spare tire hump, power windows, leather seats and a prissy little clock in the middle of the dash is still a POS.

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Burning Question

Well, many GOPers are talking about working together to actually address issues. Of course, there are f***heads like Frist who can’t see past their own ideology to contend with, and jerkweeds like Hayworth who are on the Bush uber alles train to hell, but maybe we can have a partisan detente for a little while. […]

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