1993 Geo Prizm

Jan 1993-December 2000 Ordinarily, this would land in the hall of boring cars, but it took 90,000 miles of abuse, survived 2 3 crashes, never needed a brake job and got 30 mpg. Plus, it totally kicked the ass out of a V-8 Grand Cherokee in the mountains. (Grandpa’s Ford Country Squire is in the […]

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The Smoking Lamp Is Lit

STUPID DRUNKEN THINGS NOT TO DO Drive from Daytona to the gator farm in St. Augustine at ludicrous speed. When it’s time to pass the geezers, drive in the oncoming lane, while 8 Barrel and Phid, driving behind you, pass the same car at the same time, on opposite sides. (Mustang GTs can go off-roading, […]

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