1988 Mercury Tracer

parked, but not unoccupied
can’t see the burn marks from here

Where I saw one: Getting on the 51 today.

Nostalgia Value: 5/10

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1988 Mercury Sable

Where I saw one: Tempe, at the Bear Training Center Nostalgia factor: 2.5/10 – no pangs of an empty soul without one. Baseline: 0, since I never owned one. +1 because 8 Barrel’s folks had a v. 2.0 Sable, -0.5 because that one was a wagon, -1 because it doesn’t have an SHO engine. +1 […]

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Not so stupid after all

now that gas is headed to $3… This is June 1990 at the 8 Barrel ranch. At this point, the Festiva has suffered a critical ass implosion, which is wholly unrelated to 30 foot anacondas. Hence the 70 hp Suzuki Swift to the right. 1988 Festiva L Plus. Plus what? Plus a truck enema. 12/88-6/90 […]

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The Smoking Lamp Is Lit

STUPID DRUNKEN THINGS NOT TO DO Drive from Daytona to the gator farm in St. Augustine at ludicrous speed. When it’s time to pass the geezers, drive in the oncoming lane, while 8 Barrel and Phid, driving behind you, pass the same car at the same time, on opposite sides. (Mustang GTs can go off-roading, […]

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