Riddle me this

In Phoenix, we have car pool lanes. During commuter hours, you need two passengers or risk a $350 fine. We do this to save gas when we save rides. Exhibit A – Scion

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Manejar en Mexico – Part Dos

Some more tips for manejar en Mexico to make your trip mas excellente. 1. Dirt roads suck when you’re driving a Mustang. Bumps (topes) come from nowhere to bang your undercarriage. Fuckers. Sandy roads suck worse.  (think snow drifts and summer tires. Starting in 2nd is irrelevant. ) Bring a shovel. I cannot stress this […]

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Happy Birthday to Me My Car

2006 Ford Mustang
do me baby. I mean “do me because I drive this baby.”

365 days later and I am still waiting for the Enzyte effect. I love her anyway. I am not that big into naming cars, but if I were, she might bear the name of my favorite hot fiery red-headed babe who is not married to 8, and is not Shirley Manson. After all, the color and indeed the model choice is not completely unrelated.

Kiss my ass, “Eleanor.” You are old and busted.

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On the other hand

Mad props to the stable… Phil at Ford of North Scottsdale was the Randy Jackson, man. I mean “the bomb.” NSA monitoring crew: No you don’t. If you’re smart. Did most of it on the phone. Didn’t waste my time telling me stuff I already knew. Had all the numbers ready when I got there, […]

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