If Only

This VW Is The Fastest Looking Slow Car Ever. This is the VW/Brasil SP2 Parked, it was the fastest car you’ve ever seen. Driven, well, not so much. SP 9s obviously “Slow Poke.” Jalopnik claims it was based on the VW Type III.  we think it’s something a little closer to home:  the 411/412.  the ass […]

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Oops, I Crapped My… Driveway?

All crap, all the time, featuring: Trofeo (my new hero Molly) Gremlin (Dribble) Berlinetta (Mrs. Phid (go figure)) Yugo (Kenneth S. Berman, Republican) LeCar* (le français faux for “the car”) (Bagman), and… Pinto’s evil cousin – the “Mustang” II (Pod, Yoko). No it doesn’t prance. but it does fly, with the right inducements.

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