I’ll get right on that

In today's email: From: Former Client [mailto:Former Client@yahoo.gmail] Sent: Wednesday, April 04, 2012 8:11 AM To: Former Client@yahoo.gmail Subject: Greetings From Spain!!! How are you? I hope this email reaches you well. I'm so sorry for this emergency and urgency. I'm presently in … Continue reading


"He said whoever is contacting us through emails are fake." You mean, like YOU?!? ----- Forwarded Message ---- From: Mrs. Christine Turner <info@admin.org> Sent: Fri, February 12, 2010 2:35:53 AM Subject: SCAM VICTIM Attention: I am Mrs. Christine Turner; I am a US citizen, 52 … Continue reading

my future wife

Yeah, this could totally not be the worst idea ever. -----Original Message----- From: Effects Hazards [mailto:zaujlrr@insightbb.com] Sent: Sat 2/24/2007 2:46 AM To: Wink Dinkerson Subject: How are you? My name is Ekaterina.Hi! How are you? My name is Ekaterina. I from Russia, city … Continue reading

Tsunami Spam

Surprisingly, it took 6 weeks for the first get rich by ripping off tsunami victims SPAM to infect my mailbox. Hmm, 8 million, you say... SEED HARVEST MINISTRYLONDON. Email: seedharvest_ministry@yahoo.co.in OR pastorwalkerbroo@netscape.com Phone number:+44-704-010-4221 CalvaryGreetings. I … Continue reading