Ferrari 458 Spider

Eat the Rich

Class Warfare Breaks Out As Londoner Eggs Woman Driving A Ferrari. Rich residents of London are notoriously upset with richer foreigners who summer in the British capital, filling the streets with supercars. Recently, one of these Brits egged a Ferrari. Shit just got real.This particular … Continue reading

Come on Down!

Come on Down! The Day The Price Is Right Offered a Ferrari 458 Spider – Car and Driver . It was 300 people having simultaneous aneurysms. Then, an instant later, the excitement became a roaring wave of frantic ­communal lust moving through Studio 33 at CBS Television City in Los Angeles. … Continue reading

Disco Inferno

Burn baby burn... Yesterday morning an older gentleman named Bill called our establishment saying he had a car he needed to sell, he told me he had a "pristine 2006 Mercedes CLK 500 that was being transported from CA to FL along with a Porsche, a GT-R, a Ferrari and a BMW. The truck was involved … Continue reading