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bmw 335i warp

Life Imitates…Life? BMW 3 Series E90/E93

So the other day, I dropped in on 8 Barrel and the missus. 8 has a “new” car, a BMW 3 Series E90.  It is a 335i, which means somewhere between 306 and 335 bhp.  Wifey has an E93 335i – this: Both are hella fast.  The 4 door would be my choice for most purposes, except a drive to the beach.…

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What to do

on a Fucked Up And Stupid weekend in  January 1988 when the newlywed Phids blow you off?  Visit a frozen great lake and go bowling for beers in Bangor (pronounced bang-(h)er) Michigan.  And not have sex with the one girl who showed up, because – duh – she only wants to be your friend.

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Checker Marathon

I know why the caged bird sings

Drive By Shootings What to drive when you live in a roach motel crappy apartment and have a fondness for Jim Beam that sometimes gets away from you. (Ed.:  That would explain the cage?) What happened to the paint?  Ask the Kraft American cheese slices. Moral of the story:  Whiskey is for riding in the back seat of the cab…

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Acid Flashback: Friday Night Videos

I am driving down the road today, listening to the iPod Shuffle shuffle. And I am transported. It’s the summer of 1982. Friday Night Videos is every Friday at 11:30 – a godsend for those of us without cable and the MTV. Ninety minutes of Sharp Dressed Man and Billie Jean and this: Beers with 8 Barrel and Jody no. 2…

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Why Galesburg Ford Banned Me and 8 Barrel

I guess our test drive of a ’94 Mustang was a little too spirited. HT: Winding Road.  We didn’t crach anything, but the spontaneous icy patches made it interesting, in a “Family Foods Fiat flashing before your eyes” kind of way.  Vanderhyde Mckimmy (the predecessor dealer) was way cooler about shit like tree rash.

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