Once more from President Gore

Al Gore Speaks on Iraq Monday, October 18 , 2004 at 12:30pm Gaston Hall, Georgetown University Washington, D.C. Text of the speech, as prepared: I have made a series of speeches about the policies of the Bush-Cheney administration – with regard to Iraq, the war on terror, civil liberties, the environment and other issues – […]

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President Gore Weighs In Again

A stark indictment of the Bush junta.  (Or is it a cabal?)  And the grand illusion underlying the invasion and occupation of Iraq. JUNE 24, 2004 When we Americans first began, our biggest danger was clearly in view: we knew from the bitter experience with King George III that the most serious threat to democracy […]

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President Gore Weighs In

Remarks by Al Gore May 26, 2004 As PreparedGeorge W. Bush promised us a foreign policy with humility. Instead, he has brought us humiliation in the eyes of the world. He promised to “restore honor and integrity to the White House.” Instead, he has brought deep dishonor to our country and built a durable reputation […]

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