What the hell were you thinking, teaming up with Adam “shoulder pad wing things” Lambert? Does this mean the rumors about Paul Stanley are true after all? Or does it mean that the disco-dreck “I was made for loving you” was just the first of many completely whorish sell outs for $?

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Palpatine Maroulis

after prolonged eye-f***ing the TV camera Just me rambling on reality trash teevee… Man, I slay me sometimes. Anyway, the benevolent gods of American Idol banned Clay Diva Aiken from my teevee this week. Then they sent Scotty Grossberger (from Stir Crazy) straight to the gaping mouth of hell back to Lewserville, OH. Thank you. Idol […]

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Stop the presses

MARIO LEAVES AMERICAN KARAOKE IDOL TO JOIN CLAY AIKEN’S “WAX MY JOHNSON” TOUR Is life worth living, now that the 12 American Idol famewhores became the 11 famewhores, and then flipped right back to 12 with some creative rules juggling. After all, Ford paid for 12 shitty commercials starring these people, and they’re not getting […]

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