Sweet Delicious Irony

Working at the Apple Store: Tales from the Inside – Gawker. The bright, friendly facade of the Apple store hides some weird stuff, according to current and former employees. Porn-stuffed laptops, positivity police, and an anti-gossip gestapo: Welcome to the real Apple Store. Is it double speak, or is Steve Jobs Xenu?   Proles outside […]

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Worth 1000?

May 03, 2011 Blog Change Request Thank you for your interest in SocialSpark 2.0! We are very excited about the all new SocialSpark 2.0 community and look forward to welcoming newcomers and all our returning users as well! Unfortunately, we are unable to approve your blog, Messenger Puppet, yet because of the reason(s) listed below: […]

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Verizon Sucks?

Jury is out.  One thing that doesn’t suck  on Verizon Wireless (apart from paying for it)?  Rhapsody. Almost unlimited music on my phone for $15/month.  Weirdest shit ever, and I don’t have to pay extra or pay for stuff that sucks.  The only other charge is burning it to CD, but the pretend my phone […]

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Verizon Sucks

8/07: 2 year renewal @120 a month.  175 per line to terminate (reduced by $5 a month). Straightforward enough.  My advantage to cancel the whole plan through about month 20.  Break even point (cancel/keep paying) on individual $10 added lines is about month 14. 8/08: Dear customer.  We would like to give you 500 minutes […]

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Cox Communications – we suck, so you don’t have to. Quoted Install of our transferred service  9.95 Actual price  50 the original 10 another 20 (10 each) for two cable cards, because “installer” called in a serial number.  We had to call Cox to get the install finished and all our channels activated. another 20 […]

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Verizon: We think you’re stupid

Me:  Not so much as you think.. Doesn’t this look exciting? Applies to wireless number: xxx-xxx-xxxx Great news! We’ve got a better calling plan designed with your family in mind. We periodically review your account to ensure you’re getting the best value and have found that your family would benefit by updating to our new […]

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