In other news

There is no news.  We did not expect any, in a great hurry, and thus we have not been disappointed by the radio silence thus far.  Brick Tamland is monitoring the situation and will give updates at 6 and 11 as usual.

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Burning Down The House

Report: Burnt Chevrolet Volt mysteriously catches fire again — Autoblog Green. I drove one yesterday, and I can reliably say that it did not spontaneously catch on fire.  If I had $40k to drop on the worlds best golf cart, I would still think about it.  Then laugh and buy a Mustang GT.

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Paradise Lost

2003 Mercury Messenger Concept – As much as we’d like to say that Ford spent a few hundred million giving Mercury a much-needed halo car instead of shuttering the brand entirely, it didn’t happen and the reality is that the eight generation of the Mercury Cougar went on to be the last non-Ford-based automobile ever […]

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