The Bikini Lounge

If you’re looking for Fredo Wang, there are three choices: booze (bars or liquor stores), pussy (that he can’t have, and usually shouldn’t if he could) and alleys (to live or at least sleep it off).

Also jail, so that’s four I guess. In any event, I found that cruel bastard here. That story is for later.

bikini girls
Keep it in your pants, Fredo

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Hookers and blow

What you see on the streets of Las Vegas…

You’ll need more than a Rockstar to bag these chicks (unless you are one)

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AARP <3 me

Leisure Suit Me in Scottsdale. Chatted up this hot surgical nurse. So did two other guys. But, once the beer kicked in, I knew it was time to BTF off, because, AS I JUST WROTE, the beer kicked in. See this if the significance escapes you. I’ll see her next time, maybe. Then I went […]

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