Creepy and Disturbing

4.14.06, 3:09 a.m. Ring, ring… Me: WTF? It could be the Minister of Cool, even though it’s really late even for her. No, it’s my ex-neighbor, Lee. Fuck. what the hell does he want. Hey. What’s up, man? Lee: Big G. How you doin’, man? This is Lee. You might remember me from such bad […]

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Men’s room

Apart from the whole “why do these chicks want to watch me piss” angle, this is kinda cool. I like the o-face. Not the model so much, but the expression.

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Party Every Day

Last night was the annual Pod and Woody Festivus celebration. Gourmet food, blown diets, the sin(ful dessert) room, Bacchanalian wine selection. And beer. For the first time in years, neither my schedule nor “other concerns” forced me to bail after a quick 30 minutes. Plus, there was this whole Dick R. Brettman’s theater girl date […]

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Beware of the Leopard

Papas and Beers plus tequila = ??? Also, what happens in Mexico does not necessarily stay in Mexico.  Like when the bar has a camera and an interweb connection… Skipping the Fat part of Fat, Drunk and Stupid altogether, go cruise to Ensenada on the PacificPrincess. Bring your 19 or 20 year old nieces, because […]

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The Men Commandments

Argument with these rules instantly revokes your identity as a man. You’re no longer a man and you’re out of the man club. 1.) It is ok for a Man to cry under the following circumstances: – When a heroic dog dies to save its master. – The moment Angelina Jolie starts unbuttoning her blouse. […]

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