Party of No

Hi, I’m Dr. Chris Salvino.  I have no original thoughts.  Fucking JD Hayworth at least comes up with lies like “Protecting Arizona families.”  Even though he is just “protecting” them from manicured lawns, clean pools, tamale stands on the corner, and gay man/horse weddings, it’s at least something.  on the other hand, all I could […]

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John McCain: Douchebag

…leading the fight against President Obama… …last line of defense… –Actual radio ad by Grandma Nutty Fudge Seriously? You dumbass. You are not “at war” against the man or the office.  You are at war with a bigger douchebag for your job. “Less worse” – that is your only saving grace.

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Help me OB1

you’re our only hope. Phoenix, 2/18/09.  Anti Joe protestors plead for presidential intervention on constitutional abuses by the couthy sheriff, since no one in the state has the balls to stand up to Joe or his henchmen.

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John McCain’s America

From here Black teen pregnancies? A ‘crisis’ in black America. White teen pregnancies? A ‘blessed event.’ If you grow up in Hawaii you’re ‘exotic.’ Grow up in Alaska eating mooseburgers, you’re the quintessential ‘American story.’ Similarly, if you name your kid Barack you’re ‘unpatriotic.’ Name your kids Trig and Track, you’re ‘colorful.’ If you’re a […]

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