fat ass

Now that gas is back down under $2, the lard asses can schlep some Whoppers with Cheese in their (FU)H2s once again.  Yay!  Overconsumption –> scarcity –> price increases.  Again.  Just wait.

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WKMI Cards, all over again

A million years ago, there was this small town where they now make Viagra and Rogaine. In that little burg was a crappy little AM radio station. The only thing the station had to recommend it was Thompson-Fu and one of the red-headed daughters of the owner; those are stories for another day. Now that […]

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Jody No. 2

The cute one. Well, the first cute one.  Jody #3 was pretty hot, too. Jody #1 had, uh, a great personality! she transferred to “my” BK Lounge – Immediate OMG reaction.  Beyond what happens when a girl actually talks to me. Life with Jody was Party Central:

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