longer trailer

bo derek runI finally saw this movie just last night.  I had seen it on network TV before, but this time it was on HBO and uncut. Wow!

10 in four words: tits are an eleven
Some other thoughts:

  1. I know I didn’t see it uncut before, because I was constantly surprised by all the naked “broads.” You don’t forget that.
  2. Dudley Moore is the same guy as always – Davy Jones all grown up.  Sadly, now I sort of identify with George Webber, instead of wanting to take his place in the casita (Ed.: to be clear, I would bone her, but she needs to not talk).
  3. Julie Andrews is not sexy, in the same way as Ellen DeGeneres and Jody Foster are not sexy – with a man. Or in the same way that my grandmas are not sexy (Ed.: not merely because THEY ARE CURRENTLY DEAD). It might be the butch haircut that lasts for 40 years (like a pony tail); it might be the stain of Mary Poppins prudishness that just won’t abate. Read More