So long, Butthead

When the game ended, Favre jogged diagonally across the turf – waving once toward Detroit’s sideline – and up a ramp toward the locker room. So long, Brett.”I would have liked to have played,” Favre said. “The wise choice was not to play. I was OK with it.” via Vikings vs. Lions – Recap – […]

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You know the drill, Brett

Brett Favre starts for Minnesota Vikings, leaves injured “I knew it was the last home game,” Favre said afterward. “This also may seem kind of crazy, but I was looking forward to playing in a blizzard.” Instead, his surprising return ended all too quickly. Bears defensive end Corey Wootton slammed the quarterback to the frigid […]

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Don’t go away mad…

A person with knowledge of the situation told The Associated Press on Tuesday that Favre has informed the Vikings he won’t return for a second season. via Brett Favre tells Vikings he won’t return for a 20th NFL season – NFL –

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Tuesday Douchebag

Brett Favre returns from the dead to further piss on his shittastic, eroding “legacy.”  Apart from the legacy of failing to read the playbook and throwing to the wrong team.  That legacy is impenetrable.

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Erin Andrews made Favre quit

According to, our long national nightmare is over.  However, this follows by only a week, the breaking story of Erin Andrews taped through a peephole.  Coincidence?  I think not. Dear Brett: If you quit 2 years ago, I could have lived with not hearing from you for 5 years, then a little HoF circle […]

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