All the Young Dudes

Dear America

As a human being, an American, a college graduate and a third-degree member of Phi Sigma Kappa, I am aghast at the conduct of SAE at the University of Oklahoma. I’m not terribly surprised, though.  SAE has always been synonymous with dickweed (at least at Western and ASU). Back in the day, SAEs were notorious moneyed assholes. At ASU, in just the last couple of years:

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The Best of Times

Thank you, Sirius 70s on 7. Thank you for transporting me back to 1982. Rae? Mae? Some Phi Mu with curly short hair. Somehow, a kegger ends with some face mashing in the upstairs mini room with this song in the background. Thanks for the memory that I can’t shake.

Better a fond memory than the herpes. Trust me on this – Todd S.


Deja Vu, Except Different

We’re off to SEMA.  Yes, we’re meeting up with old classmates while there. No, there is not an agenda or an expectancy, except Vegas-y Vegasness, clogged with crazier-than-usual cars. And that’s plenty.

[Ed.:  Also whiskey, beyond the usual one Wild Turkey.]

My Frat Bro Russell

Russell Something-or-other drove a Fiero like this. Drive-By Shootings: The Lesser Lights.

Pontiac Fiero

We would call it “the Chevette of 1980s mid-engined ‘sports’ cars,” except that it involves Russell the stoner.  We nearly got in a fight with him about his previous car, a Pontiac T1000.  We called it a Chevette by any other name: he was adamant that not only was it NOT merely a re-badged POS, it had “completely different wiring” and components.

Uh, no, sorry.  Go hit that bong again, dude.

So, we’ll just say “Oh look” and be glad this one doesn’t have a JC Whitney vinyl bra like Russell’s.

You fucked up. You trusted us.

1961 –

The chapter: Let’s make a corporation to own the house.  We’ll pay ourselves rent.  We’ll make it endure for 30 years, to see how things go.  All Phi Sigma Kappa members will be stakeholders.
The state:  Sounds like a plan.

1991 –

Crip and Gingerman:  Let’s just make the corporation permanent, so we don’t have to remember to re-up in 2021.
The state:  Sounds like a plan.  Just file those annual reports.

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Let’s drink a toast…


unto our host, to our fair fraternity

Today is the 140th anniversary of the founding of Phi Sigma Kappa.  Brotherhood, Scholarship and Character, and all that.

Brotherhood? Unquestionably, and in vast abundance.

Scholarship?  In my case, that happened AFTER I stepped away.

Character?  Us?  Yes.  Afterwards? Not so much

Truth in Advertising
Truth in Advertising


Things Padlock Was Wrong About

1973 Dodge Polara
Mufflers are for the weak

What to Drive

To Phi Sigma Kappa Founder’s Day 1986, because what the fuck? Who doesn’t rent a car in order to transport your date who thinks you’re hilarious but will never ever fuck you?  Who doesn’t rent a car for a banquet held at your very own frat house, just like every other kegger weekend?

1983 Ford Thunderbird
Should have driven it to the strip club instead, dude.

Drive-By Shootings: Best Fairmont Ever.