David E. Davis Was Wrong

He said the A-bodies would be the most successful GM cars ever.  Why was he wrong?

Buick Century 1.5
Chocolate velvet on the inside
  • No v. 1.0 models exist any longer.  There are plenty of 1.5s like this – well, more than zero – and you can’t swing a dead cat without hitting a 2.0.  Still, Cadillac Escalade.  Boom, roasted.
  • This?  AYFKM?  Yellow on the outside, brown on the inside?  Bizarro world dog turd is what that color combination is.
  • Nevermind that Papa Don drove one like this – he got the employee discount, or, more likely, they paid him to take this shitbox.
  • Nevermind too, that Phid introduced me to the song Delirious in the 1982 version of this car.

They were handy for CMU road trips.  I’ll give them that.

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What to Drive

What to Drive to scout meetings in winter, when you work for Fisher Body and are unfailingly loyal to the team, no matter what shitboxes wear the label.  Sorry about that trunk we scratched up.  Who knew snow would do that?

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We should have nuked the 1980s

Reason 412:  Take this ad to your Century Buick/local Buick dealer for a free test drive of the new 1985 Buick Electra Your local Buick dealer:  You’re under 60 Savage Henry:  And? Your local Buick dealer:  This one in the showroom is our only one SH:  And? Your local Buick dealer:  Ir will cost us […]

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Told you so

1.23.2006 – I tell you that GM is doomed, because its pitch point on the Buick Safeway Dairy products Lucerne is the heated windshield washer fluid. 2007 – George W. Bush props up GM with money so it’s not an obvious victim of the Bush Recession. 2009 – Obama has little choice but more money […]

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