Top Men

Cadillac 1 – the Beast 2009-2013: It’s a diesel 3/20/13: Actually it’s gas-engined. Am I the only one tired of being lied to?  In this case, it seems like the plan is to discredit whatever people are saying, regardless of whether it’s the truth. Secret Service spokesliar:  Oh, no, it wasn’t the wrong fuel. No, […]

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Eat the Rich

I need a new business plan. Writing off my data plan and hosting costs is nice and all (#notactualtaxadvice), but fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck, it’s nice (one supposes) to have a net income.  It evidently leads to perks.  To wit: Craig Jackson is the big cheese* at Barrett Jackson.  BARRETT-JACKSON AUCTION COMPANY, LLC is a licensed (public consignment) […]

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Pimp Race

Green Eldorado vs. Red Frank Cannon Mark IVIf you ain’t first, you’re last. Green Eldorado vs. Red Frank Cannon Mark IV.
From the hat, and the pitched out smokes, I’m thinking it’s Fredo’s pimp dad in the Mark.

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